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a rainy night here at santana row, but that didn't keep people away from shopping and to eat. no outdoor typing tonight here. the rain forced people to go inside to eat. >> 50 is way too cold for me. >> reporter: not so for his friend from new york who wore just a shirt. this is nice weather from him. >> it's just water. you need this, and your clothes will get wet, your just wipe it off. >> reporter: the rain didn't stop this woman from walking her dog. the dog didn't mind either. >> it's nice. the rain is refreshing and we need it. >> reporter: she is used to having rain in her native hawaii. but she's not used to it being chilly, so she wore a jacket. >> i'm mostly dry except for my feet. they're soaked. >> reporter: people out here are saying bring the rain on. they wouldn't mind seeing the rain stick around. live at santana row, george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. >> stay with nbc bay area for continuing coverage of our weather, on air and online. it's a great resource on our website, also, tune in bright and early tomorrow morning at 4:30 for "today in the bay." >>>
. >> i can't remember three as in a row and i think -- >> you know what? you're right, steve. >> i think that's bad for the economy and it raises a question out there, this split. stocks seem cool, sanguine, chip chilled with what's going on but mot the bond market. he's not going to be happy about the economy, kevin o'leary, until the ten year is at 3%. i don't like kevin, i think he's mean on television, but he's a smart guy. there's something to that. unless the bond market, i won't feel comfort with it. >> that echoes, the comments by jim cramer this morning saying i can't figure out the bond market and wasn't afraid to say that. basically saying the ten year should be at or below, just below the 3% level. it's telling us something that stocks are not, to steve's point. >> well, tell you what, i totally disagree with jim cramer on that one but i think a bigger notion now is, if the bond market were at 3%, i think would be because of strong data. i think we've gone through kind of the taper move in may, june and july. i think right now it really is nervousness about equities in genera
store. she's always going one place. it drives me crazy. >> she doesn't have a list. >> logically, he's got no higher percentage odds of pigging a daily double if he does it that way or going up a row. >> last night, for instance, he found both daily doubles in the double jeopardy round, and they both happened to be in the $200,000 boxes, which is very unusual. we don't usually have both of them in the last box. >> so you're changeliing the ga for anotherer chu? >> no, it varies. >> how much has someone won? >> ken jennings won $2.5 million in regular competition. brad rucker from pennsylvania won our $1 million tournament and our $2 million tournament in addition to what he won in the regular game, so he's the leading money winner with about $3.5 million. >> dana, we could have made all that money. >> yeah, right, i was terrible. do you notice any gender differences in terms of risk when it comes to willingness to risk more money or the daily double, things like that? >> i have talked about that in the past. women it comes to a daily double, seem to want to wager because they figure
, but i cannot find -- fight. >> you are shilling for the oppressors. >> isn't that fantastic. i have to redo my whole business card. >> mike rowe, we appreciate you joining us today. >> coming up next, peter cook will have an extensive interview with the chairman of the house ways and means committee. they will discuss the new tax plan. and elon musk has already made a name for himself with the electric car. we will find out how he is preparing to transform the power industry. that is coming up next. ♪ >> the house ways and means chairman has served up a hornets nest in washington. there is a plan to overhaul the tax code. the trade-off is he also does away with a long list of popular tax breaks for special interest groups. he is under fire from all directions. peter cook is standing by. >> thanks very much. i'm standing by with dave camp. we appreciate you taking the time out. you had to know that putting this plan out, you would get fire from all sides. why did you do this? >> look, our economy is growing. i will not accept a minimum wage economy. i will not accept the fact that
. ♪ >>> did i hear that the cavaliers won four or five in a row? >> 12 tonight. you're so close. >>> you heard that a couple weeks ago. >> the basketball story of the year in charlottesville. if you haven't jumped on the bandwagon, now is the time. >> we're on now. >> the virginia cavalier are in the a.c.c. driver's seat. they have finished the regular season all alone at the top of the conference only once in the past 50 years. once. this could be the second time ever. tonight defend acc champion miami wasn't much of a threat. you might be able to tell they're having a little fun following the team this year. pick it up first half, three point virginia lead and london knocking down a 3. he had a career high 15 points. oh, yeah, the calves are just getting started. virginia opening up the second five. that's akeil mitchell. almost over early second half. up 20, he can not be denied off the screen. he drains the 3. virginia with a 12-game win streak. 65-40 over michigan and also win number 100 for tony bennett. richmond taking on george mason. coaches have their game faces on apparently. first
. the porridge was just perfect. she hasn't missed a beat. >> looks like we're going to do it. fourth time in a row we've flirted with that all-time high on the s&p. we're going to get it with a gain of 8 1/2 points. keep an eye out for that. we have gap and earnings coming up. an exclusive interview with the ceo of mylan as well on the second hour of "the closing bell" with kelly evans and company. i'll see you tomorrow, kelly. >>> thank you, bill. welcome to "the closing bell." i'm kelly evans with the s&p 500 rallying today to a new record close. here's how we're finishing the day on wall street. take a look across all major indexes. we're seeing green arrows. the dow adding 75 points as the bell tolls. the nasdaq adding about 26 at this hour. the s&p 500 pushing through at the close there, adding about nine points. 1854 is the level there. a rally of half a percent to a new closing high. what does it all mean? let's ask today's panel. joini in it is great to have you all here. elon, was it yellen? >> i don't know if it was entirely yellen, but she did say something inter
the ignore your neighbor credo too far? i don't know how to pronounce that word. he is looking for conversation explaining a friendly nod will do. pardon me when you signal you would like to get into or out of a row. even a gentle tap if i am sleeping. anything but the silent treatment. you are for familiar with bus travel. this guy seems needy. i need you to say hi to me. >> usually on the bus somebody starts to touch their -- that's how it works. are you going to cut that? >> no, you just took my joke. >> both jedediah -- >> sorry. >> you are welcome, man. >> i try to avoid -- i never -- especially i never tell people what i do on a plane. it is a bunch of conversation i don't want to have. one time i was next to a kid and he was so weird immediately. he was like, hello, sir. i'm like, what's up? he said are you going to phoenix for business or pleasure? are you a robot person? i said i want to see where this goes. i said business. he said that's terrific. my name is todd by the way. hi, todd. what is your business? i am a stand up comedian, todd. that's interesting. i also
for the third day in a row. -pcome on, tell me why. nicole: this is a stock that people probably weren't falling so closely until this week. this stock today was up 12% which is double the sale, $22 idea. this is ecommerce. you go to the internet for moms and kids and they have apparel and home goods, double their sales, stock is 12%, is that 70%. stuart: we call it amazon for moms. charles: momentum is growing. stuart: dow jones industrial average up 25 points. janet yellen is telling the senate banking committee economic conditions have changed since the last appearance before the house a couple weeks ago. economy could be weaker because of the weather. doesn't know how much weaker yet. no response on the market but that is what she is saying. the dow is up 24. let's get to senator harry reid. he says doesn't believe you. if you have a horror story about obamacare, canceled coverage, cut hours, say you are a victim, you are a liar. listen to what he said. >> 24 stories being told all are untrue but they are being told all over america. stories made up from whole cloth, lies. stuart: he used th
death row prisoner who spent 15 years on death row in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day before being exonerated in 2012. >> i do not condone with those who have committed serious offenses have done, but i also don't condone what we do to them when we put them in solitary for years on end and treat them as subhuman. as ae better than that civilized society. we should be better than that. i would like to believe the vast majority of the people in the united states would be appalled if they knew what we're doing to inmates in solitary confinement and understood that we are torturing them for reasons that have little, if anything, to do with protecting other inmates or prison guards from them. week, new york state agreed to reform its use of solitary confinement, including banning its use in disciplining prisoners under 18. lawmakers in massachusetts are considering a bill that would ban the shackling of prisoners who are giving birth. temporaryissued regulations to limit the practice last week. advocates say it is not unusual for women to be handcuffed hospital beds while in labor
, in december, we lost three games in a row. and everybody was up in arms saying, oh, no, the ravens, they're not going to make the playoffs, this and that. we didn't panic, because we knew what we were about. we didn't try to change anything, try to change who we were. we went back to our fundamentals, and played ravens football. that's why we were successful. >> matt, this book is really exciting. i think the essence is all about character. two issues recently in football that call into question character of a lot of football players, the issue that happened with the miami dolphins in terms of bullying. my question, how does that go down in the locker room without people getting control of it? and secondly, we still have the issue of gay athletes. there are a lot of football players that come out and say, hey, choice or not choice it, will have an effect in the locker room. i'd love your thoughts on both of those. >> the miami dolphins. you're talking about two guys out of 1,800. the locker room is a unique culture. i'm not going to deny that. it's a very unique workplace. there's not ma
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10